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Interpreting Equipment for Clear Understanding

Along with our document translation and interpreting services, Global Translation Center can supply wireless RF or infrared electronic equipment for simultaneous interpreting assignments, assuring that everything is clearly understood during the presentation, whether in English or any other foreign language.

All of our equipment is tested before delivery and  supervised by our technician during use. In addition, we provide back-up systems to safeguard trouble-free performance.

Assignment & Equipment Information

Each assignment requires at least one technician to set up, monitor, and dismantle the equipment upon completion of the job. The security for the equipment is the responsibility of the client and we recommend that the room with the equipmernt be locked when not in use. Another option is for someone hired and paid by the client or the facility to be stationed with the equipment at the end of each session and during meals. Please let us know about specific security requirements that you may have regarding your presentation.

Basic Equipment Rental Includes:

• 1 Transmitter
• 1 Tabletop Booth for 2 Interpreters,
• Interpreters' console, Microphones, &
  Table Light
• 4-Channel Wireless Receivers
• Over-the-Ear Type Ear Pieces
• A Professional Technician
• All Cabling
• Installation and Interfacing with the PA

Using Computer to Translate

Scheduling & Pricing

Reservations should be made approx. four weeks in advance to assure the availability of the proper equipment and the technician. Along with other applicable costs determined by the type and amount of equipment required, location, size, length of interpreting services and the number of languages requested, the customer is responsible for providing meals for the interpreters and technician.