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Keep Completely In-the-Know with Our Professional Interpreting Services

To fully serve our ever-growing, national customer base, Global Translation Center offers a variety of services focused on verbal communication.  Our interpreters take their work seriously. They are professionals in conduct as well as appearance and act as reliable and neutral intermediaries. Interpreting services can be provided in the following areas:

• Mediations
• Sightseeing
• Hearings
• Tours
• Depositions

•Trade Shows
• Jury & Non Jury Trials
• Real Estate Closings
• Extraditions
• Negotiations

• Medical Examinations
• Mergers
• Insurance Investigations
• Conference Calls
• Personal Representatives
• Business Meetings
• Conferences & Seminars
• Tour Guides

Business Group

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter interprets in phrases after the speaker, rather than simultaneously. One-to-one interpreting or interpreting for small groups that are mobile, such as tours, or guides also lend themselves to this service.


Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a skilled profession that calls for extensive knowledge of the source and target languages, used when the speaker does not pause for the interpreter. The goal is uninterrupted general content, presented in a flowing manner. It is used during  meetings, conferences, seminars and in Federal Court proceedings.

Our specially selected, simultaneous interpreters are professional and experienced and many are qualified by the State Department. Due to the extreme pressure on simultaneous interpreters, performance standards usually include two interpreters per language working at 4-hour shifts.

In order to assist us, kindly supply any of the following:

• Drafts of Any Formal Speeches, Papers, Etc.
• Copies of Any Graphic Material to Be Presented
• Minutes of Previous Meetings Regarding the Subject to Be Presented
• Recent Publications on the Same Subject