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Communicate Your Message Properly with Our Written Translation Services

At Global Translation Center, we believe that language is a reflection of the history and culture of a country. Each language is inherently different from others in numerous ways, and it is our aim to bridge that difference. With the help of our talented team, we convey your message in a way that is appropriate and idiomatically understandable.

Truly Get Your Meaning Across

Our assignments are taken on by experienced translators who have a full command of the English language as well as the target language you require. They care about the meaning and concept that you wish to convey and work hard to communicate it well. These services are available for many languages and can be utilized for:

• Commercial
• Computer Generated Instructions
• Correspondence
• Court Documents
• Legal

• Manuscripts
• Medical
• Personal
• Wills

The Art of Translation

Translation is not a science, but an art. It is not simply a matter of putting words into the correct order, but requires a deep-rooted knowledge in the terms of the specific content and the general purpose of the work. The target language must contain the required information as well as being an acceptable, current, and idiomatically correct version of that language.

Our translators have the necessary capability and confidence in their language skills to produce correct and proper translations. However, if an untranslatable word or phrase is encountered, it could lead to an incorrect translation. Should that occur, we will contact you for clarification. In some contexts, such as legal documents, certain ambiguities are an important part of the content.

Certifications, Apostilles & Signature Authentications

In order for documents to be accepted for legal purposes, they must be certified and the notary portion has to conform to the standards of the Florida Department of State. We can provide that service. 

Apostilles can also be  provide for documents that contain a notary signature,  destined for foreign, as well as Signature Authentications sent by various Federal Agencies.

Are you importing a motor vehicle abroad? A translation of your motor vehicle registration, certified to the standards of the Department of Motor Vehicles can also be obtained through us.